My first Bichon had a torn ACL at the age of 13 years old. He had the surgery to repair and could not put his leg down for the next 6 months. He only lived to 14 and I always had such terrible guilt about “torturing him” in the last year of his life. When my Bichon Frise, Grace, did the same thing I was again prepared to go through the surgery. I had taken her to the emergency animal hospital, and while they were not prepared to do it immediately, they did have a specialist who was coming in who would be able to do the surgery for about $1,200.  My vet was out of town so I took her to another vet who was willing to do the surgery for about $650.  When my vet returned,  I took her to him as well. He said the cost was considerable less although I cannot remember exactly what he quoted. I love my vet he is very honest and it is obvious he cares for animals he treats but did admit that the overweight cocker spaniel who has this type of surgery often is his bread and butter.

It was suggested to me that I contact Nancy to see if she help Grace with her VOM. Nancy insisted that I talked to my vet first and get his okay. Dr. Bach said there was nothing to lose that VOM was non invasive and could not hurt her. After a few treatments Grace was doing much better only to be set back by tearing the other ACL. It took most of the summer but after 3 treatments or so on each leg Grace had achieved a new normal. She can’t always jump up as high or turn on a dime but she is able to get around better than my first Bichon was and there was no cutting or risks that come with surgery.  Grace recently went for her annual checkup and at almost a year later the vet said her knees are strong and stable.  He commented that VOM treatment, at this point, is not a part of the mainstream veterinary care but said it certainly worked for Grace.

Beyond being a VOM, Nancy breeds also Bichons. As luck would have it she had a litter over the summer we were there for treatments and I came away the proud parent of a baby boy named George. Grace keeps up with George at almost every turn.

Diane Sachs
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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