WM. L. Inman–VOM Originator


VOM was developed by William L. Inman BS, BS, DVM, CVCP, in Seattle, WA, in Dr. Inman's clinical practice from July of 1982 to 1996. It continues to be enhanced and perfected due to the input of over 6700 practitioners worldwide who have taken the VOM Technology training.

VOM has and will continue to be a healing technology by the clinical practitioner, for the clinical practitioner and is continually re-inventing itself. through the applications and innovations of the over 6700 practitioners Dr. Inman has trained.  It is a dynamic work in progress.

In 1996 he began teaching the VOM, VMR, Somato-Visceral, and Myofascial Release fulltime in lieu of clinical practice. Currently he is not licensed in any jurisdiction and limits his efforts to teaching only. He does not consult on specific cases as that infers clinical practice.

He is the founder and head of the International Association of Veterinary Chiropractitioners (IAVCP). The IAVCP is the largest animal adjusting organization in the world. In 2003 he developed an animal application of Cold Laser Therapy called: Veterinary Low Level Laser Therapy.

Before Dr. Inman started using these non-invasive techniques, he was an accomplished veterinary surgeon and conventional practitioner.  He was awarded a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979, where he graduated with Honors (Cum Laude) , Phi Beta Kappa.  and Alpha Psi, (national veterinary scholastic honors).  His vacillation to VOM from surgery and conventional care reflects his frustration in ineffective solutions to common veterinary medical problems.

VOM was developed in a vacuum, meaning it was developed with a trial and error approach in a clinical setting without input from other sources. Dr. William Inman has been the sole source of the VOM Technology. The body of the VOM Technology is the culmination of information gleaned from over 35,000 patients treated for clinical disease.

Dr. Inman has taught in excess of 6700 practitioners throughout the U.S. in a seminar series that is presented in five modules.  Unlike AVCA certification and instruction that takes 150 hours and five modules to complete, a veterinary Chiropractitioner (VCP) can adequately apply VOM after a "VOM Small Animal Module One" seminar attended in their home town in a weekend, However five modules are recommended and are delivered in a long three-day weekend.

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