The Story of Duke

The story of Duke and his VOM treatments.  We took our Bichons to a vet one day for free nail trimming.  I never thought that it would be a mistake.  The way they were taught to trim a dogs nails was for one tech to pin the dog on the table while the other trimmed the nails.  We were there so, I let them do all the dogs.  Well, Duke doesn’t like being held down and fought back.  In his struggles he did something to his back side.

To this day we still don’t know what he did.  X-rays don’t show anything and the vet can’t feel anything that really stands out in his knees or hips.  So, we opted for VOM treatments.  Nancy is great!  She got our pups on MSM and has so much information to share with folks willing to listen.  Duke is doing pretty well.  He does still have issues when he runs too much.  But, we keep him feeling good by going for treatments when he seems to need one.  You have to remember we don’t know what is wrong.

The first photos are Duke and Nancy at the beginning of his treatment.  Nancy is looking for problem areas and reads as she goes down from his shoulders, spine and to his hips.

This is another round in the treatment process.  You can see Duke is looking a little more relaxed.

In the final photos you can definitely see a happy little guy.  He always feels so much better when Nancy finishes his treatment.

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