Harley the Beagle/Samoyed Mix

Harley is our 14, almost 15, year old beagle, Samoyed mix. The last few years he has slowed down some, due to joint problems, age and overweight.  He is a very good natured dog who, over the years has shown us loyalty, patience, forgiveness, gentleness, and unconditional love, some of the attributes of God.

One morning when he came down the steps, as he hit the floor, all four legs went out from under him. His back legs were the worst, we had to use a sling around his back end to help him  get in and out of the house to go  potty. We had some Zuberin from the last time he had trouble with inflammation, so we started him on that. Over the next week, he wasn't getting much better, so we kept him on the zuberin. After three weeks, his legs were shaky when he stood up and he could only stand up for a couple of minutes at a time. We had a hard time watching him, and didn't want him to suffer, so we prayed that God would give us wisdom to know what to do.

The very next day, I realized we didn't have enough zuberin to get through the weekend. If we tried to cut back on it he would get worse. It was Saturday morning, so I ran over to the vet office  to get some more. While I was waiting for them to get it ready, I heard a woman talking to a man about his black lab. She mentioned that she was getting up better and was wagging her tail after her treatment.  They were just coming out of the treatment room, and I wondered if the part-time vet was there. When the man came over to pay his biil, I was asking him about his dog, then told him about Harley's condition. That is when we met Nancy and learned about V.O.M.

She heard us talking and I mentioned that we couldn't get him to the vet, and she said she made house calls. Wow! What an answer to prayer That was her last appt. that day, so if I had been there a little earlier, when the door of the treatment room was closed, or a little later, after she had gone, we would never have heard about V.O.M.. It was definitely a Divine appointment.

We made a appointment for the next week, and she came and evaluated him, and he had his first treatment. She noticed that he had liver deposits along his spine,and recommended putting him on a hepatic support supplement. She asked us to wean him off the zuberin and increase his glucosamine. She also recommended a website called b-naturals.

I found some information on the website that was interesting. We had been giving him carrots for treats, and cooked squash with his food for fiber. The website mentioned that nightshades were inflammatory, and that protein was good for them, and there were even recipes on how to make some of them. So we got liver, chicken, cheese and yogurt, for treats. We weaned him off the zuberin, and before two weeks he was completely off it.

Nancy came back after two weeks, he had been off the zuberin for a couple of days, and wasn't doing very well. We talked and hoped that it was just a period of adjustment for him. He had his treatment and scheduled an appointment for the next week.   We were able to get him walking some though. First we went up and down the driveway, then half a block and back.

When Nancy came back in a week, we had a new dog. His eyes were sparkling and he was getting around much better. We then put him on HBA, to help build up his muscles, which had started to atrophy, and walked him longer every week. Nancy came back in a month, and Harley ran up to greet her, then ran right up the steps.

We are now starting him on b-complex. He had been biting at his back legs, and I went back on the website, and it's possible we have been giving him too much liver. So we will change that.     His muscle tone is much better, he has lost 10 pounds, and walks about a half an hour now, he would go longer if I would. He even gets into mischief, he got into a cabinet and took out a box of plastic forks, and had them all over the kitchen.

So, we thank God for bringing Nancy and her experience in V.O.M., into Harley's life. He is doing great!

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